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Pigeon Nets Price Per Square Feet

Pigeon Nets Fixing Price

Pigeon Nets Price Per Square Feet in Yelahanka, In a bustling city like Bangalore, where urbanization and modern living have seamlessly blended with nature, the presence of pigeons has become a common sight. While these birds might seem harmless, their roosting and nesting habits can lead to various inconveniences and health hazards. To address this issue, many residents turn to pigeon nets as an effective solution, and Appanna Safety Nets has emerged as a reliable provider in this domain.

Appanna Safety Nets, a prominent name in the safety net industry, offers top-quality pigeon nets designed to keep these birds at bay while ensuring minimal harm to them. When considering the installation of pigeon nets, one of the key factors that individuals and businesses in Bangalore often inquire about is the cost. The Pigeon Nets Price Per Square Feet in Yelahanka can vary depending on several factors.

The average cost of Pigeon Nets Price Per Square Feet in Yelahanka offered by Appanna Safety Nets ranges from [price range] based on factors such as the type of netting material used, the complexity of the installation, and the total area to be covered. High-quality pigeon nets not only provide protection from pigeon-related problems but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the premises.

Appanna Safety Nets is known for its professional installation services, utilizing durable materials that withstand the city’s weather conditions. Their team of experts assesses the site, recommends suitable netting options, and provides a transparent cost estimate. Clients can thus make an informed decision that suits their specific needs and budget.

Pigeon nets have become a necessity for many Bangalore residents to maintain hygiene and aesthetics around their properties. Appanna Safety Nets offers a range of pigeon netting solutions, with the price per square foot varying based on factors like netting material, installation complexity, and coverage area. Investing in these nets not only helps in averting pigeon-related issues but also ensures a cleaner and more pleasant environment.


A 100% pigeon-free environment is assured for a healthy living space.

Full Service Bird Control Solutions, Residential Bird Netting, Commercial Bird Netting and Anti Pigeon Spikes.

  • 100% Pigeon Free & Healthy living space guarantee
  • Complete Birds Control Solutions
  • Residential Bird Netting
  • Industrial Bird Netting
  • Anti Pigeon Spikes
  • Advance Technology For Bird Netting Solutions
  • 3 Years Warranty Eco friendly Zero Maintenance
  • Quick Installation, 100% Solutions, Vast Collection of Material
  • Safety Net Color Available – Black , White, Green and Transparent